How to draw Pokemon step by step

How to draw an Umbreon Pokemon is a step-by-step lesson.

Pokemon Umbreon

✏️ How to draw Pokemon Eevee – step-by-step lesson

Pokemon Eevee

How to draw a Pokemon Pikachu — a detailed step-by-step lesson.

Pokemon Pikachu

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Pokemon Dragonite

How to draw a Pokemon Charmeleon — a step-by-step lesson

Pokemon Charmeleon

    How to draw your favorite Pokemon

    The popular media franchise "Pokemon" has more than a quarter of a century. Parents of current preschoolers, younger schoolchildren, as children, themselves were fond of new anime series in which funny creatures acted. Since then, the world of "pocket monsters" -Pokemon has grown to almost nine hundred different species.

    Drawing cartoon characters is an interesting pastime, very useful for children. Teach your child how to draw Pokemon with a pencil in stages. Let the first character be the one that your son or daughter especially likes. For example, Pokemon Pikachu.

    Drawing Pokemon Pikachu is easy

    One of the most recognizable and popular representatives of the fictional Pokemon world is Pikachu. It looks quite harmless, resembling a squirrel and a hare at the same time. According to the version of the game, this is unexpectedly a Pokemon mouse with a characteristic tail in the form of a lightning bolt. Pikachu has the ability to accumulate electricity, using the energy reserve as a weapon if necessary.

    It's easy to draw a yellow pocket monster with bright red cheeks. The drawing is done with a simple pencil, it is not difficult to correct errors with an eraser. Let it not be possible to achieve perfect execution at first, but over time the child will understand how to draw pikachu correctly.

    When coloring, you can use different shades of yellow and even orange. However, you should not go far from the classics. There are many other types of pocket monsters in the world, of a different color, so the choice of which one, how to draw a Pokemon is quite wide and diverse. Everyone can choose a suitable option, create an image with a pencil according to the sample.

    The benefits of drawing Pokemon

    Drawing Pokemon with a pencil is easy. Even a preschooler can cope with this task. Children of this age are recommended to be given tasks that train fine motor skills more often. Making drawing movements, the kid develops not only artistic skills, but also improves his mental activity.

    • assiduity;
    • neatness;
    • creativity;
    • imagination.

    All this will come in handy in school lessons; when doing work assigned at home.

    Drawing funny Pokemon figures is interesting and fascinating. Especially in the company of parents, brothers, sisters, friends. Everyone can choose their favorite character, create his portrait if they know how to draw Pokemon in stages. The best drawings will serve as an original decoration of the children's room.